Warden Draas

In Dreams, He Walks With You...


It is uncertain how Moff Sartain and Warden Draas came to know one another, but their alliance follows the time-honored tradition of unease and distaste that one might expect between an ambitious Imperial and an inscrutable disciple of the Dark Side of the Force. Whatever the connection between the two, Warden Draas has accepted Sartain’s charge of overseeing the prison on Rhen Var and his icy demeanor mirrors the chill of the surface miles above the holding complex.

Draas has never spoken to any of his prisoners and has only appeared to them in extremely short periods of individual confinement within a particular laboratory known as the Sleep Chamber. While the prisoners were sedated and strapped into monitoring equipment, Draas would silently observe, communicating with technicians rarely and only through sharp, abrupt movements. The prisoners sometimes dream within the Sleep Chamber and they seem to recall that in those dreams, Draas appears… and speaks to them… but they never recall his words or even his voice upon waking…

Warden Draas

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