Tessik Kir

Naive Life Long Prisoner




BACKGROUND QUESTIONS (for public consumption):

What planet did you grow up upon? What sort of upbringing did you have?

He remembers trees, green meadows, fresh air, and a lake. These are the memories he has left after being taken from his family at an early age. The majority of his upringing was in Imperial camps, where he attempted to stay out of everyone’s way and remain calm.

If you are Force-sensitive, when did you first realize that? What sort of relationship do you have with the Force?

He has been strong with the Force since birth, that’s how the Imperials knew. He’s received vague visions of the future since as long as he can remember.

How were you trained in your career(s)? Did you have a mentor of any sort? If so, what was your relationship like and where are they now?

The majority of his skills are self taught, though he’s had the occasional cell mate who he recognized as being strong in the force. One man in particular taught him a great deal about the Universal Force. He was older and transferred out after only a few months, but his presence left an impression.

What is the Motivation that drives you? How is that fueled by your Emotional Strength?

His motivation is his faith in the Force. He remains brave enough to commune with it and mediate in his cell. He has non-violently resisted any attempts to dissuade him from remaining in touch with and discussing the cosmic Force. He will never deny it, nor shy away from it’s pursuit.

What is the first thing that a casual observer notices about you? What is it that a more careful observer notices about you?

He has a certain naivete about the world that comes from spending it in a prison. It’s clear he has no idea what is really going on outside the prison. However, he has a natural presence and force of will that has not been dimmed in all the time he has spent cooped up.

What does your character do to relax?

Mediate on the Force.

Which of your fellow prisoners (PCs) do you get along with best? Which one have you had the most conflict with?

No idea who he’d get along with.

Probably at odds with Matt (for being selfish) and Zach (for being an imperial)

Tessik Kir

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