Star Wars: Reverie

Assaulting a Warehouse
Game 6 - Focus: Supisy'lyn


That could have gone better, but it also could have gone far worse. After we changed our appearances and apparent species, we made our way to Parak’s warehouse. For a place that had fallen out of communication, it still appeared to be manned and guarded. I presumed the guards were loyal to whomever had stolen the warehouse from Parak, and so we decided on a stealthy approach.

Supisy’lyn and I attempted to defuse the alarms on the fence behind the warehouse. She was spotted, but did an excellent job of playing distraction while succeeding at defusing the fence. I vaulted the fence and covertly rushed the guard by the door while she drew off the second guard. I stunned the door guard with a blaster-pistol at point-blank range right before he could hit the alarm while Rend vaulted the fence and dropped the one distracted by Supisy’lyn. We all made it to the door and dragged the two unconscious Weequay inside, leaving them tied up in a janitor’s closet.

Against my preference, we then split up. While Supisy’lyn and I headed to the office to see what records might be found, Vesa and Rend climbed into the ventilation shafts to infiltrate the main warehouse space. I was, sadly, not nearly as stealthy as I should have been. All that prison time has made me rusty. The occupant of the office noticed me and called for backup, resulting in a firefight. Both Supisy’lyn and I took some blast hits before we were able to stun our opponents into unconsciousness, with some Force support from Tessik Good thing I got us those stimpacks.

Meanwhile, in the main warehouse space, Vesa and Rend took out the four Weequay guarding a specific collection of crates and neutralized the Darkwolf sleeping in the corner… somehow. I didn’t ask. The guards out front noticed something amiss, however, but Vesa was able to snipe them down from the front door as they fled.

Having some time, we catalogued the warehouse. It was full of various bulk goods of licit and illicit nature. I took a kilo of spice, but otherwise left it alone. The crates the Weequay were guarding were, unsurprisingly, the collection of religious artifacts belonging to Jik, including the copper discs we sought. I threw those in a bag as well.

Meanwhile, Supisy’lyn decoded the office-boss’s datapad and discovered that, although they were Sons of the Seequay, they were likely not the prospective bombers. This other fanatic cult, the fire-goddess worshipers, were probably responsible.

Since we hadn’t actually killed any of our foes, we decided to have a chat. We woke up the boss who proved surprisingly reasonable for a fanatic. Tessik convinced him to let us take the discs, but he insisted on sending a fanatic “minder” to travel with us, sword always at our throats, to guarantee our honesty. Whatever. We can always space the guy if he gets to be too much trouble. I convinced him that he should, perhaps, not hunt down Jik, explaining the setup. Finally, we got his agreement to help us track down this bomb and stop the plot. Apparently the Sons of the Seequay had their own terrorist plot that would be disrupted by a large bomb going off.

Sigh. Fanatics.

We left him to untie his companions and returned to Jik, who confirmed that it made sense that the fire-goddess worshipers would be more likely to use the “big bomb” tactic, as it takes out both the Imperials AND their urban-established rivals. Jik wanted us to try to stop both plots. Despite being an agent of the Rebel Alliance, he suggested that the long-term plan would be to leave the Empire in control until it collapsed under other pressures, allowing more moderate Weequay factions to assert control.

I’m not sure we’re really in a position to do that. I guess we’ll see once we get more intel on this bomb. Frankly, our job is simple: Stop the bomb for the person extorting Supisy’lyn, then take our discs and get off this rock. I suppose if we can stop a violent insurrection along the way, all the better, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Finding Jik / Escaping Dark Pursuit
Game 5 - Focus: Supisy'lyn


We’ve arrived at the capitol of Sriluur. As we entered the city, Supisy’lyn and Tessik were able to chat up some local religious sorts and got an invitation to a gathering in a couple of days dedicated to a local fire goddess. Quick work.

We found a likely anonymous hostel and settled in. Vesa and I set out to find a local fence named Parak who could, theoretically, lead us to our contact, Jik. The other three headed into town to see if they could track down any leads on this supposed bombing.

Vesa and I found Parak’s reasonably well, and we managed to get in through the novel tactic of being truthful. My own background in the criminal underworld was sufficient for admission, and I dropped the necessary hints to confirm that we were expected business partner’s of Jik’s and not agents sent by the Sons of the Seequay to kill him. Turns out, Jik was there, being protected by Parak, and he met with us privately.

Jik deals in artifacts, but is apparently really an agent of the Rebel Alliance seeking to open diplomatic ties with the local Weequay. The temple desecration for which he is currently hunted was a setup. Local Houk did the desecrating, selling him the artifacts before he realized where they came from. Either way, he gave us what he could, namely co-ordinates to an uncharted planet where, according to ancient Weequay records, a Jedi temple once stood to which ancient Weequay force users would make pilgrimage. Although he could give us the astrogation coordinates, he indicated that there was a specific artifact, a series of golden-colored discs made of copper, that might be physically required to unlock the temple, or something similar. The discs, sadly, were part of a shipment kept in one of Parak’s warehouses that had recently fallen out of contact. So. Our next task was clear: investigate the warehouse and find the artifacts.

With that mission accomplished, we returned to the hotel. Apparently our other three companions were less fortunate. They spent some hours scoping out the innermost rings of the city which were designated for Imperial use. In the process, they noticed a Weequay doing something similar and confronted him. They figured out he was a Son of the Seequay, and managed to get his datapad from him before he escaped their assault. The violence drew the attention of stormtroopers, however, and they were forced to flee, splitting up through the streets to distract pursuit.

Of particular note was Supisy’lyn’s tale. She was not pursued by stormtroopers, but rather by a dark and malevolent presence who reached out and harmed her, inflicting burns upon her body, presumably through the Force. Tessik’s visions had warned us that darkness was pursuing us, perhaps one of our former fellow prisoners-turned-dark apprentices.

Upon rendezvousing, we all decided to change lodging places. I covertly left to do some shopping with some funds provided by Parak for our forthcoming services to his warehouse. I got us all disguise kits and stimpacks to hopefully enable us to avoid further detection. The skin-pigment alteration systems alone will be very helpful, as we are a… very colorful group.

Escape the Embers / Arrival on Sriluur
Game 4 - Focus: Supisy'lyn


We decided to make a break for it. Supisy’lyn created a dataspike for me to sneak into the command and control station to override the lockdown on both ships. We then engaged in a co-ordinated effort, infiltrating Vesa onto our new ship so she could get it warmed up while I infiltrated C&C and Supisy’lyn with Rend as backup sliced other systems to make things easier for me.

It all pretty much went off without a hitch. Both ships blasted out of there taking some heavy-repeater fire from infantry emplacements, but otherwise coming away undamaged.

We kept B8 with us, and he started work on the necessary astrogation while we bid farewell to our rescuer as he headed off to do other business for the Alliance.

Of course, astrogation requires a destination. It was fairly rapidly decided that we should stick to the Outer Rim, as it was more likely that Tef fled there with his stolen Hutt ship than somewhere with the sort of traffic a core world attracts. Since Sriluur was outer rim, and already had one objective we seek, we set course there in the slight hope that Tef also went there and we could kill two proverbial birds with the single stone.

We’ve been here a couple days, and it seems that hope was unfounded. There’s no sign of Tef and the Black Pearl, but it would seem that our rendezvous with Jik, our local artifact-dealer, will be more complicated than anticipated. His emporium was closed, and rumor on the street had it that he was being sought by a fanatical religious splinter-group of the local Weequay called the Sons of Seequay for desecrating some of their sacred sites. According to his former assistant, Jik fled to the capitol, where the Imperial Governor is planning a big celebration notwithstanding the tangible unrest amongst the population.

As we poked around, however, we noticed that Supisy’lyn was attracting some unusual attention. We lured the interested parties into a location where we could take them out if necessary and talked to them. Apparently they represent a “hidden benefactor” who has helped Supisy’lyn keep Hutt heat off of her in the past. Now, this “benefactor” hasn’t been so effective as to actually remove the Hutt bounty or anything, he just keeps the heat far enough that Supisy’lyn will be forever indebted for the service. Typical extortion.

The extortionist wanted her (and by extension us) to foil a terrorist bomb threat that was to shortly occur. Apparently her “benefactor” prefers the status quo. As much as I’m not a fan of extortion, she seemed ok with it, and none of us really want bombs going off, so we agreed. We figured these “Sons of the Seequay” were the most likely culprits, and the target was most likely the governor’s ball. We’re preparing to fly to the capitol to continue our investigations.

The Meeting / Betrayal
Game 3 - Focus: Vesa


Prior to our meeting, we met up with the bothan spy I mentioned earlier to try to get more information about what was going on. The bothan cut us a deal. He would tell us what he knew, but in exchange, Vesa would wear a piece of gaudy jewelry into any meeting we may manage to arrange with our local contact. The jewel had a cunningly hidden transmitter in it. We agreed, although in hindsight that was a poor decision.

The meeting was pretty typical for a Hutt house. We dealt with a highly-placed lackey in surroundings specifically meant to evoke awe at the opulence and power at their disposal, with the hint of threat… namely the large carnivorous eels swimming about the ridiculous aquariums.

We danced around the issues of Tef Oralu and our local, imprisoned contact. This Hutt lackey was willing to let us in to talk to our contact under the faint hope that we might get him to give up Tef’s location. It seems Vesa’s uncle straight up stole a Hutt ship called the Black Pearl that was transporting a high-value prisoner from Tatooine here to the Embers. He then took off with his stolen prize, and the Hutts are really upset about it. My theory is that someone with direct knowledge or involvement of the death of Jabba the Hutt was the prisoner, but that’s just a guess.

We were let in to see our contact. He was worked over pretty hard, but seemed pretty stoic all things considered. He knew who we were, although did a good job of playing along with our cover story of being upset creditors. The conversation danced around the fact that we were obviously being recorded, and he didn’t want to give up any information that might risk Tef, even though Tef left him high and dry. Eventually, however, he insinuated that Tef likely planned his heist with the aid of an astrogation computer.

Our contact knew, and we knew, that the ship we were hoping to get from him was originally Tef’s, and so we made a big show of being upset that he wouldn’t say more, and then left, heading back to the hangar and privacy. My plan was to try to get us aboard Tef’s ship as soon as possible, but apparently our bothan “friend” beat us to the punch. As we entered the hangar, there was a faint sound from the necklace around Vesa’s neck. I noticed the gem changing color and, on pure instinct, yanked it from her neck and threw it just before it exploded. The guards reacted, of course, but this was all the diversion so the bothan could sneak aboard Tef’s ship while we were being interrogated.

Fortunately, Supisy’lyn, who had stayed behind on our ship during all this, was able to use the same distraction to get on board Tef’s ship. She was able to recover the astrogation data just as our bothan was deleting it.

After some back and forth with the guards, we were informed that we were confined to our ship. At least we got the data.

There were three locations pre-plotted into the astrogation charts:

Sriluur, the outer-rim home of the Weequay

Chandrila, a core world known for agriculture and for being the home of Senator Mon Mothma

And some desolate outer-rim world that, oddly, wasn’t in the location general star charts indicate it should be in.

We had a quick chat with Senator Damocles, and it appears Sriluur is where we were to meet our contact for further Force training. We have no idea which of the others might prove to be Tef’s destination. I guess we can worry about that once we get both ships out of lockdown.

The Ruby Necklace
Game 2 - Focus: Vesa


Well, we’re in the deep end now. Our pilot was taking us to the Embers, an asteroid belt I’m sure you’re well aware of what with the sheer amount of criminality and smuggling that passes through those mining stations. The plan was to meet an Alliance contact who would give us the ship we were promised by the Senator, as well as some information on a contact who might be able to help us with our force-training.

Well, about a day before arriving, Tessik has a vision (apparently he sees the future…) centered on Vesa. He saw her in a reddish light surrounded by mist, with a harsh alien voice making demands on her. He saw a difficult decision before her that would put all of us in grave danger if she chose poorly.

As you’ll see, we needed no help from her to put ourselves into grave danger. I suspect her difficult decision is imminent however.

So we came out of hyperspace and found that the Embers had been claimed by a hungry-shark “House” of young Hutts and renamed “the Ruby Necklace,” doubtless because of the red lighting illuminating the mining stations built into the asteroids. I prefer “Embers” myself, but Hutts have no taste. The nominal Imperial presence that used to lay claim to the resources of the place was nowhere to be seen. We docked with Station 4 without much trouble, and even saw the ship we’re supposed to be given, but the ship was locked down and under guard, which was our first clue that things were not going to go smoothly.

Apparently, our contact was wanted by the local Hutt Regent. After some discussion, we decided that the best cover story for us wandering the station asking about him was that he owed Vesa money and we were coming to collect. Vesa was to play the creditor with Rend as her hired muscle, Supisy’lyn as her technical specialist, and me as her fixer. Tessik’s role was… left unclear, mostly because he’s so wide-eyed and naive that it’s hard to come up with a believable underworld cover for him.

We found his residence, and I spotted surveillance on it. Rend and Vesa opted for the direct approach, discovering that the watcher was a Bothan who I gather wasn’t directly working for the Hutts but was doing what Bothans do and gathering and selling information. He engaged in some mercantile activity of that sort with Vesa. He told her that our contact was already in custody, but the Hutt’s thugs were trying to beat out of him the location of his business partner, a “Tef Oralu.” The Bothan told us that our contact was being held in an establishment called the Foundry, an all purpose bar/hotel/casino/brothel where the underworld on the station does its business… a fortress in other words. The Bothan told us that the bartender had a spice weakness that might be used as leverage. In exchange for all this information, the Bothan asked that is we do free our contact, we get the information on Tef out of him as payment.

Turns out, Tef is a relative of Vesa’s. It doesn’t take a genius to see the outlines of Tessik’s vision solidifying here.

I did some asking around and found out that the biggest spice smuggler here is one of Goruba the Hutt’s investments, so after some discussion, the five of us came up with something resembling a plan. Since we can’t spring our contact by force, and straight-up stealing the ship would be just as hard, we’ll need to try to talk a Hutt into letting him go. I worked my connection to Goruba to spring a decent amount of free spice. We went to the Foundry where I was able to trade most of it to the bartender for a meeting with his boss. Rend was in fine form, and managed to even get the meeting moved up a bit.

Nothing to do now but wait for morning and our meeting. As usual, I’m passing the time writing this stuff down, mostly to calm my nerves. This could all go wrong in so many ways, and I really don’t want to make enemies of this particular Hutt House… but we need this contact’s intel (and his ship). I hope Vesa isn’t forced to make promises she can’t keep.

Ah well. I suppose we’ll see shortly.


Game 1



You’ll never see this message because I’m never going to send it. I find that writing out my thoughts helps organize them somewhat and jogs my mind into seeing events with new perspectives. But since I’ve always found diaries to be a bit self-indulgent, I’m going to pretend like we’re renewing our correspondence after an unfortunate lapse.

I don’t even know if you’re still alive, but I have confidence in you.

The less said about the last year of incarceration the better, but it may help to put down a few broad strokes. The prison facility was clearly a private project of Moff Zara Sartain, off the official imperial map, as it were. After a year there, I’m pretty sure it was a secret facility for the “training” (i.e. brainwashing) of force-sensitives. The Moff, doubtless, wants her own cadre of force-warriors to support her play for power and prominence in the splintering Empire.

It’s not really relevant, I suppose. We never saw her, just the warden. There’s a piece of work… he never spoke to us except in our dreams. Yeah, I know. He had these dream-machines he would hook us up to with some frequency. I can never remember any of the specifics, other than that he was in them, and he would talk to me there.

So, when I first arrived, I was thrown down on level 1. There was… something… an energy of apathy welling up from the depths of the facility. The more compliant we were the faster we would get moved to higher levels, and further from this… whatever it was. Needless to say, I faked compliance right quickly, and started moving on up. Ultimately, though, they saw through the ruse and I stalled out on level 5. Level 5 had the dream machines, and also the other rejects who weren’t entirely with the brainwashing program.

Imagine my surprise to share a prison level with Rend Hux. You remember Rend, right? Thuggish fellow, human. He was my mistake that came back to bite me. When the Emperor died, he went kinda off the rails, slaughtered stormtroopers like they were going out of style, and was taken alive. Under interrogation he told them all about my illicit smuggling operations, and I was taken down with him. I can’t really say I hold a grudge. I was sloppy, and good muscle like Rend is hard to find.

Supisy’lyn is an unassuming Twi’lek. She plays at a sort of naivete. I’m never sure how much is real and how much is a learned survival trait. People in her circumstances learn to overcompensate for helplessness in one of two ways: over-the-top aggression or unobtrusive meekness. She’s a mechanic and computer expert, though, and I plan on sticking close to her. Skills like those are vital in surviving our current circumstances.

Tessik Kir is an odd kid. He’s apparently been in Imperial prisons for pretty much his entire life, and if you talk to him for more than 30 seconds you see why. He’s a hard-core, true-believer in the Force by way of Jedi philosophy. I’m not entirely sure where he learned it all in the first place… probably a fellow prisoner. I envy his calm, but I can’t say I share his complete trust in the will of the Force. I find that the Force may nudge, but you have to grab the reigns.

Finally we have Vesa Oralu. I don’t know a lot about her. She’s a Mirialan, and there’s something a bit off about her tattoos, but I don’t know enough about her people’s customs to “read” them. She seems to keep her distance from me and Rend. I infer from this that she has something of a grudge against Imperials.

So, the five of us lived on level 5, doing the prison routine: eat, pass the time, sleep in weird dream-machines, until one night one of the ubiquitous mouse-droids started acting oddly. To make a long-story short, certain mysterious outside parties had subverted the droid to pass along the message that we were going to be sprung.

It all pretty much worked out as planned. Rend got to slaughter a few Stormtroopers, Supisy’lyn managed to slice into Warden Draas’s dream-machine records and grabbed a bunch of data on what he was trying to do there, and we made our way up and out of the prison thanks to the distraction of an AT-ST going berserk. Our getaway shuttle was piloted by a naive young human, but who am I to judge my rescuer.

The prison exploded behind us. Apparently what was going on there was sensitive enough that a destruct-sequence was built in. I can only hope the blast caught most of our fellow prisoners who had long-since started converting into prison guards.

Our shuttle docked with a ship that hit hyperspace, and only then did we relax a bit. That’s when our mysterious benefactor revealed herself. “Senator Damocles” made her introduction. Yeah, I know, the Senate was disbanded years ago, but a lot of those old Senators went on to join the Rebel Alliance, and they’re the ones who sank the resources into springing us.

I was suspicious, of course. Why go to all that time and effort? The Senator claimed that their spies assumed “something valuable” on level five of the prison, and five force-sensitive prisoners seemed to fit the bill. Rather than pull us into some Alliance facility, though, for interrogation or debriefing, she claimed we were going to be given a ship and pointed at a contact and left more or less to our own devices. I have a few theories on what’s really going on here, but none worth elaborating on quite yet.

Personally, I couldn’t wait to get out of my prison clothes and into something cut to fit me. Sadly, all I had on me was the Imperial uniform I was wearing when they arrested me. This gave our pilot a fit. Apparently it didn’t occur to him that Imperials imprison their own from time to time. Rend and I placated him, and I figured the time had come to try to create some bonds of trust.

What little foundations we had for mutual trust, namely our shared prison experience, was not going to be enough. I opted to open up, telling them about my force-training at the Cobalt Academy, as well as the fact that I was a double-agent for the Ascendancy working inside the Empire. I’ve spent years keeping that secret, but I trusted my hunch that this might put Vesa and our pilot a bit more at ease, knowing my true loyalties lie with my people, not the Imperials. It seemed to work, and the others opened up a bit about their own force-sensitive natures. The only exception was Supisy’lyn who insisted (and still insists) that she knows nothing about the force. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been in that prison, but maybe her strong sense of denial is what kept her on level 5.

So. I spent much of the rest of that evening drinking in the ship’s bar and getting used to the idea of being free once more. Once I wrapped my brain around that, I figured I should retire to my bunk and compose this in hopes that it will help me internalize events so they’ll feel more real.

Well, enough for one evening. I’ll talk to you later.


Star Wars: Reverie

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