Star Wars: Reverie

The Meeting / Betrayal

Game 3 - Focus: Vesa


Prior to our meeting, we met up with the bothan spy I mentioned earlier to try to get more information about what was going on. The bothan cut us a deal. He would tell us what he knew, but in exchange, Vesa would wear a piece of gaudy jewelry into any meeting we may manage to arrange with our local contact. The jewel had a cunningly hidden transmitter in it. We agreed, although in hindsight that was a poor decision.

The meeting was pretty typical for a Hutt house. We dealt with a highly-placed lackey in surroundings specifically meant to evoke awe at the opulence and power at their disposal, with the hint of threat… namely the large carnivorous eels swimming about the ridiculous aquariums.

We danced around the issues of Tef Oralu and our local, imprisoned contact. This Hutt lackey was willing to let us in to talk to our contact under the faint hope that we might get him to give up Tef’s location. It seems Vesa’s uncle straight up stole a Hutt ship called the Black Pearl that was transporting a high-value prisoner from Tatooine here to the Embers. He then took off with his stolen prize, and the Hutts are really upset about it. My theory is that someone with direct knowledge or involvement of the death of Jabba the Hutt was the prisoner, but that’s just a guess.

We were let in to see our contact. He was worked over pretty hard, but seemed pretty stoic all things considered. He knew who we were, although did a good job of playing along with our cover story of being upset creditors. The conversation danced around the fact that we were obviously being recorded, and he didn’t want to give up any information that might risk Tef, even though Tef left him high and dry. Eventually, however, he insinuated that Tef likely planned his heist with the aid of an astrogation computer.

Our contact knew, and we knew, that the ship we were hoping to get from him was originally Tef’s, and so we made a big show of being upset that he wouldn’t say more, and then left, heading back to the hangar and privacy. My plan was to try to get us aboard Tef’s ship as soon as possible, but apparently our bothan “friend” beat us to the punch. As we entered the hangar, there was a faint sound from the necklace around Vesa’s neck. I noticed the gem changing color and, on pure instinct, yanked it from her neck and threw it just before it exploded. The guards reacted, of course, but this was all the diversion so the bothan could sneak aboard Tef’s ship while we were being interrogated.

Fortunately, Supisy’lyn, who had stayed behind on our ship during all this, was able to use the same distraction to get on board Tef’s ship. She was able to recover the astrogation data just as our bothan was deleting it.

After some back and forth with the guards, we were informed that we were confined to our ship. At least we got the data.

There were three locations pre-plotted into the astrogation charts:

Sriluur, the outer-rim home of the Weequay

Chandrila, a core world known for agriculture and for being the home of Senator Mon Mothma

And some desolate outer-rim world that, oddly, wasn’t in the location general star charts indicate it should be in.

We had a quick chat with Senator Damocles, and it appears Sriluur is where we were to meet our contact for further Force training. We have no idea which of the others might prove to be Tef’s destination. I guess we can worry about that once we get both ships out of lockdown.



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