Star Wars: Reverie

Finding Jik / Escaping Dark Pursuit

Game 5 - Focus: Supisy'lyn


We’ve arrived at the capitol of Sriluur. As we entered the city, Supisy’lyn and Tessik were able to chat up some local religious sorts and got an invitation to a gathering in a couple of days dedicated to a local fire goddess. Quick work.

We found a likely anonymous hostel and settled in. Vesa and I set out to find a local fence named Parak who could, theoretically, lead us to our contact, Jik. The other three headed into town to see if they could track down any leads on this supposed bombing.

Vesa and I found Parak’s reasonably well, and we managed to get in through the novel tactic of being truthful. My own background in the criminal underworld was sufficient for admission, and I dropped the necessary hints to confirm that we were expected business partner’s of Jik’s and not agents sent by the Sons of the Seequay to kill him. Turns out, Jik was there, being protected by Parak, and he met with us privately.

Jik deals in artifacts, but is apparently really an agent of the Rebel Alliance seeking to open diplomatic ties with the local Weequay. The temple desecration for which he is currently hunted was a setup. Local Houk did the desecrating, selling him the artifacts before he realized where they came from. Either way, he gave us what he could, namely co-ordinates to an uncharted planet where, according to ancient Weequay records, a Jedi temple once stood to which ancient Weequay force users would make pilgrimage. Although he could give us the astrogation coordinates, he indicated that there was a specific artifact, a series of golden-colored discs made of copper, that might be physically required to unlock the temple, or something similar. The discs, sadly, were part of a shipment kept in one of Parak’s warehouses that had recently fallen out of contact. So. Our next task was clear: investigate the warehouse and find the artifacts.

With that mission accomplished, we returned to the hotel. Apparently our other three companions were less fortunate. They spent some hours scoping out the innermost rings of the city which were designated for Imperial use. In the process, they noticed a Weequay doing something similar and confronted him. They figured out he was a Son of the Seequay, and managed to get his datapad from him before he escaped their assault. The violence drew the attention of stormtroopers, however, and they were forced to flee, splitting up through the streets to distract pursuit.

Of particular note was Supisy’lyn’s tale. She was not pursued by stormtroopers, but rather by a dark and malevolent presence who reached out and harmed her, inflicting burns upon her body, presumably through the Force. Tessik’s visions had warned us that darkness was pursuing us, perhaps one of our former fellow prisoners-turned-dark apprentices.

Upon rendezvousing, we all decided to change lodging places. I covertly left to do some shopping with some funds provided by Parak for our forthcoming services to his warehouse. I got us all disguise kits and stimpacks to hopefully enable us to avoid further detection. The skin-pigment alteration systems alone will be very helpful, as we are a… very colorful group.



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