Star Wars: Reverie

Assaulting a Warehouse

Game 6 - Focus: Supisy'lyn


That could have gone better, but it also could have gone far worse. After we changed our appearances and apparent species, we made our way to Parak’s warehouse. For a place that had fallen out of communication, it still appeared to be manned and guarded. I presumed the guards were loyal to whomever had stolen the warehouse from Parak, and so we decided on a stealthy approach.

Supisy’lyn and I attempted to defuse the alarms on the fence behind the warehouse. She was spotted, but did an excellent job of playing distraction while succeeding at defusing the fence. I vaulted the fence and covertly rushed the guard by the door while she drew off the second guard. I stunned the door guard with a blaster-pistol at point-blank range right before he could hit the alarm while Rend vaulted the fence and dropped the one distracted by Supisy’lyn. We all made it to the door and dragged the two unconscious Weequay inside, leaving them tied up in a janitor’s closet.

Against my preference, we then split up. While Supisy’lyn and I headed to the office to see what records might be found, Vesa and Rend climbed into the ventilation shafts to infiltrate the main warehouse space. I was, sadly, not nearly as stealthy as I should have been. All that prison time has made me rusty. The occupant of the office noticed me and called for backup, resulting in a firefight. Both Supisy’lyn and I took some blast hits before we were able to stun our opponents into unconsciousness, with some Force support from Tessik Good thing I got us those stimpacks.

Meanwhile, in the main warehouse space, Vesa and Rend took out the four Weequay guarding a specific collection of crates and neutralized the Darkwolf sleeping in the corner… somehow. I didn’t ask. The guards out front noticed something amiss, however, but Vesa was able to snipe them down from the front door as they fled.

Having some time, we catalogued the warehouse. It was full of various bulk goods of licit and illicit nature. I took a kilo of spice, but otherwise left it alone. The crates the Weequay were guarding were, unsurprisingly, the collection of religious artifacts belonging to Jik, including the copper discs we sought. I threw those in a bag as well.

Meanwhile, Supisy’lyn decoded the office-boss’s datapad and discovered that, although they were Sons of the Seequay, they were likely not the prospective bombers. This other fanatic cult, the fire-goddess worshipers, were probably responsible.

Since we hadn’t actually killed any of our foes, we decided to have a chat. We woke up the boss who proved surprisingly reasonable for a fanatic. Tessik convinced him to let us take the discs, but he insisted on sending a fanatic “minder” to travel with us, sword always at our throats, to guarantee our honesty. Whatever. We can always space the guy if he gets to be too much trouble. I convinced him that he should, perhaps, not hunt down Jik, explaining the setup. Finally, we got his agreement to help us track down this bomb and stop the plot. Apparently the Sons of the Seequay had their own terrorist plot that would be disrupted by a large bomb going off.

Sigh. Fanatics.

We left him to untie his companions and returned to Jik, who confirmed that it made sense that the fire-goddess worshipers would be more likely to use the “big bomb” tactic, as it takes out both the Imperials AND their urban-established rivals. Jik wanted us to try to stop both plots. Despite being an agent of the Rebel Alliance, he suggested that the long-term plan would be to leave the Empire in control until it collapsed under other pressures, allowing more moderate Weequay factions to assert control.

I’m not sure we’re really in a position to do that. I guess we’ll see once we get more intel on this bomb. Frankly, our job is simple: Stop the bomb for the person extorting Supisy’lyn, then take our discs and get off this rock. I suppose if we can stop a violent insurrection along the way, all the better, but I’m not going to hold my breath.



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