Vesa Oralu

Mirialan Runaway with Pro-Rebel Sentiment


Background Questions

What planet did you grow up upon? What sort of upbringing did you have?
Vesa was born and grew up on Mirial with her father Osef, her mother Luma, and her uncle Tef. Osef and Tef had been smuggling food onto Mirial since the days of the Trade Federation when the threat of import restrictions were used to keep Mirialans obedient; they continued to smuggle goods once the Empire came into power. Vesa began accompanying her father and uncle on their runs once they realized that she was force sensitive. Her father taught her how to fly ships and use weapons. Luma was reluctant to let Vesa join her father in his illicit activities, but believed in his cause was righteous. Luma tried to put an end to this arrangement only once Tef disappeared and it came to light that Vesa’s father had also been smuggling weapons for the Rebels. Luma and Osef separated when he refused to stop supporting the Rebel cause. Vesa, who was 16 by that time, took her father’s side in the dispute and left Mirial with him to search for Tef.

If you are Force-sensitive, when did you first realize that? What sort of relationship do you have with the Force?
Vesa knows that she has unique talents that helped her and her dad get out of trouble on several occasions. Her father realized at a very young age that she had the uncanny ability to find toys and personal belongings that they’d tried to hide from her. She was also unusually persuasive. She has a limited understanding of the force but was always told by both of her parents that it was a gift; one that should be kept secret.

How were you trained in your career(s)? Did you have a mentor of any sort? If so, what was your relationship like and where are they now?
Her father and uncle showed her how to use weapons and pilot ships while her mother, a teacher, cultivated her desire for knowledge. Vesa shared a similar temperament and ideology with her father. A few months after Vesa and Osef left Mirial, Vesa awoke to find a note from her father indicating that he’d found information on his brother’s whereabouts. He’d decided to follow the lead on his own as it was too dangerous for her to come with him. That was over a year ago and she has no idea what happened to him; she’s lost hope of ever seeing him again. Vesa shared academic interests with her mother but found her to be too traditional. Vesa doesn’t see the point in purely academic pursuits; knowledge should be put to practical use. Vesa hasn’t seen or heard from her mother since she left Mirial and is both too proud and too ashamed to go back to her.

What is the Motivation that drives you? How is that fueled by your Emotional Strength?
Vesa is determined to find a way to make use of her powers to achieve Galactic Peace so that families are no longer torn apart by war. She is inclined to support the Rebel cause as she believes the Empire is corrupt.

What is the first thing that a casual observer notices about you? What is it that a more careful observer notices about you?
The first thing a casual observer notices is Vesa’s green skin and tattoos. A careful, knowledgeable observer notices that her tattoos are incomplete and seem to tell her story only up to a couple of years ago.

What does your character do to relax?
Vesa hasn’t had her own ship since she was captured, but she liked the quiet of flying over forests and oceans. Nowadays she just wishes she could look out of a window. If nothing else, she’ll read whatever she can get her hands on.

Which of your fellow prisoners (PCs) do you get along with best? Which one have you had the most conflict with?
Vesa likely finds Supisy’lyn easiest to talk to and trust, as her ambitious are practical ones.
Vesa distrusts Liiana and Rend Hux for being imperials, but is put somewhat at ease by their willingness to betray the Empire for their own gain.
Although Vesa is mostly in agreement with Tessik’s beliefs, she finds his unwavering faith in the Force unnerving.

Vesa Oralu

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