A young, Twi'lek Mechanic/Slicer from Nar Shaddaa






Supisy’lyn (Soup-easy-len) was born on Nar Shaddaa under the rule of the Hutts. She was originally groomed to be a dancer because she had beautiful features as a child, but after the Hutts and their servants realized that she was a bit of a late bloomer, they decided to stick her in ship maintenance. During that time she learned mechanic and slicer skills to assist in the programming and repair of ships and their computers.

Supisy’lyn made friends easily, but was also fairly gullible. She enjoyed living in Nar Shaddaa even though she worked long hours and wasn’t really thought of a great deal more than property. One day, during her shift, she was asked to do a bit of work on a particular, very fancy ship. She rewired a part of the ship that was causing difficulty and had been worked on before – trying to bypass the functions that kept the landing gear locked in place. Ignorant of what was going on and eager to help, Supisy’lyn assisted the individuals in “fixing” their issue with the flight systems. They tipped her handsomely and were on their way.

Later, security forces came in looking for her wanting to question her on her involvement with the thieves who stole the ship. A fellow employee helped her hide in the bay and pushed her towards a small, shuttle type ship. Sensing that she had no choice, she stole the shuttle and cleared herself for departure using another employee’s access code.

The Hutts are still looking for Supis’lyn…

BACKGROUND QUESTIONS (for public consumption):

What planet did you grow up upon? What sort of upbringing did you have? Supisy’lyn was likely born and definitely grew up on Nar Shaddaa. She went into dance schooling at a very young age to prepare for a life of being a dancer – she never spent much time with her family and it was common practice to be assigned and stick to the role you were given in life. Twi’leks being second class citizens (at best) and all. Once the Hutts realized that Supisy’lyn was a “late bloomer” they removed her from dance training and shuffled her into learning ship maintenance.

If you are Force-sensitive, when did you first realize that? What sort of relationship do you have with the Force? Supisy’lyn is force sensitive, but she doesn’t realize it. She has likely never thought of the force in her life and focuses instead on her job and her survival.

How were you trained in your career(s)? Did you have a mentor of any sort? If so, what was your relationship like and where are they now? Supisy’lyn started off life as a dancer (high presence and average agility) but shifted into maintenance. She worked with a mechanic/slicer named Gregory (a human) who showed her the ropes and taught her the basics of slicing and mechanics (for working on ships computers). Gregory helped Supisy’lyn escape Nar Shaddaa when she was accused of assisting thieves – that was the last she’s seen of him.

What is the Motivation that drives you? How is that fueled by your Emotional Strength? Survival is Supisy’lyn’s current driving force – she feels that she is too young to die and may yet have a great purpose, but surviving to realize that is the main thought in her mind. Supisy’lyn is emotionally tired and has been running ever since that moment and expects to be caught soon (and was caught, at game start), her emotional strength is dwindling due to that.

What is the first thing that a casual observer notices about you? What is it that a more careful observer notices about you? Supisy’lyn is pretty, but doesn’t try to play up her appearance. She dresses and appears to be some sort of mechanic. To a careful observer, Supisy’lyn would appear anxious, stressed and tired due to her prolonged time being on the run. Being put in prison was a relief because it was finally over.

What does your character do to relax? Relaxation used to come in the form of drinking, gambling and good times on Nar Shaddaa – now, just getting enough sleep is wonderfully relaxing. Stress keeps Supisy’lyn awake most nights – even though there’s nothing she can do about her current situation (at least in her mind).

Which of your fellow prisoners (PCs) do you get along with best? Which one have you had the most conflict with?

Liiana (Matt) – Supisy’lyn would be curious about what she did to land herself in jail. She wouldn’t have a strong opinion either way, other than that. If she learned that it was due to spice or that she had a habit, this would amuse Supisy’lyn because it wouldn’t be the first time she has seen someone fall into this sort of situation due to drugs.

??? (Zach) – Supisy’lyn would likewise wonder what another Imperial type would have to do to land themselves in prison.

Tessik (Jim) – Supisy’lyn would guess that he wound up here trying to do something against the Empire and would likely just listen to him prior to initiating anything. It is risky to get mixed up in any actual war business, but she’s a curious sort.

??? (Sol) – If Sol is playing a pilot type PC, Supisy’lyn would probably have the most in common with this sort of person. She’d likely try to speak with him/her and find out more about him/her and how they wound up here in prison.


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