Rend Hux

Big. Strong. Mean.


Rend Hux’s loyalty to the Empire was a lot like breathing: conscious only when problematic. The Empire, after all, was a big banner under which all the civilized races of the galaxy could dwell. Big enough that thieving and thuggery could not only be tolerated, but even encouraged as a sort of counterbalance to stagnation. That’s what Rend came to believe, anyway, after losing his first illusions and finding himself in need of a more suitable set.

Hux is a family name that resonates. Father, uncles, nephews…the men of his family were up-and-comers. Even though he’d never be one of the great Hux names—for all its expansive claims, boys who like boys trended to smack into an energy ceiling long before publicity could matter—Rend was proud of his family. More, he was grateful, at least after the resentment faded. His relatives’ accomplishments made it so much easier to trade on his own name, meet the right wrong people, and generate a brisk traffic under the table, all before leaving his teens.

When the first Death Star went, business was good. People were scared of a rout, and the black market boomed. When the second Death Star went, something was different—something that told Rend it was time to cut and run. He had been tracking his competitors’ stockpiles for years, so it was easy to rob them blind, turn coat on the Empire, send an insulting holocomm to the stormtroopers who’d been hassling him for nearly a decade, and set a fuck-you course out of the quadrant.

…Or it would have been, if his shuttle’s engines hadn’t failed on takeoff. Shoddy Imperial workmanship—didn’t they know better than to assign prisoners of war to maintain mass production replicators? That was the last thing Rend remembered trying to explain to the stormtroopers before their shock gloved fists started punching.


What planet did you grow up upon? What sort of upbringing did you have?

Hux grew up on Arkanis, practically in the shadow of the Imperial Academy. His family life reflected its history of frequent admission to the academy and the expectation that its history would continue.

If you are Force-sensitive, when did you first realize that? What sort of relationship do you have with the Force?

Rend realized his Force sensitivity when he saw a shuttle descending to the Arkanis Academy and knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it contained someone like him who was there against her will…and that she could feel him watching, pleading with him to help before vanishing into the Academy, never to emerge. He realized that the Empire considered people like him its greatest weapon and would stop at nothing, least of all his independence, to ensure its victory.

Rend feels the Force inside him, feels it honing his body like a weapon of pure will and energy…

How were you trained in your career(s)? Did you have a mentor of any sort? If so, what was your relationship like and where are they now?

Rend started out physically strong and became stronger through discipline and necessity. When it became apparent that his attraction to men would scuttle his chances of entering the Academy legitimately, he turned to thug work. He began working as muscle for smugglers before cultivating his own deals.

What is the Motivation that drives you? How is that fueled by your Emotional Strength?

Hux’s ambitions are to understand and master the power of the Force within him, and to use it to escape and take revenge on the stormtroopers who put him in prison.

Dangerous goals require Bravery to accomplish.

What is the first thing that a casual observer notices about you? What is it that a more careful observer notices about you?

The first thing is that Hux is big for a human and looks the part for his occupation of thuggery.

A more careful observer would note that Hux watches and listens carefully, maintaining his own network of shady deals.

What does your character do to relax?

Works a heavy training droid until he can feel the Force prickling under his skin.

Which of your fellow prisoners (PCs) do you get along with best? Which one have you had the most conflict with?

Hux would likely get along most easily with Liiana. They’ve worked together successfully in the past, after all.

Hux would likely goad and be goaded by Tessik. Goody two-shoes Jedi wannabe…

Rend Hux

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