Xian'Liiana'Nuruodo (Liiana)

Corrupt Quartermaster


Xian’Liiana’Nuruodo (Liiana) is a 22-year-old Chiss. Calm and cunning, she tends to speak only when she has something to say, or when others are being insufferably stupid and require correction. She tries for the stoic and disciplined persona of an Imperial officer raised in the Chiss Ascendancy but it occasionally cracks when she sees something her peculiar sense of humor finds hilarious.



BACKGROUND QUESTIONS (for public consumption):

1) What planet did you grow up upon? What sort of upbringing did you have?

Planet: Csilla. Liiana of the family Xian was inducted early into the House Nuruodo thanks to testing highly for tactical thinking and force sensitivity on medical and standardized tests. Her upbringing was a highly regimented one, her education in military matters starting at 10 with regular courses on tactics, logistics, foreign languages and politics, mathematics, astrogation, etcetera. A certain percentage of her schooling was done in the Cobalt Academy, the secretive school for force-sensitive Chiss that has held itself aloof from both Jedi and Sith for millenia. Much of her training from age 14-16 was in security countermeasures, stealth, infiltration, and other talents, and it eventually became clear that she was being groomed for espionage work. Chiss mature somewhat faster than humans, so she left her home planet for the first time at 16, and hasn’t been back since.

2) If you are Force-sensitive, when did you first realize that? What sort of relationship do you have with the Force?

Liiana’s force sensitivity was discovered by her family and the regimented testing systems of her society at a very young age. She doesn’t remember a time when people DIDN’T talk about her as if she could use the force. She tends to roll her eyes. The force isn’t some magical cure-all that keeps her from having to actually do hard work, so she doesn’t really see what the big deal is. It’s a tool, but it’s not one she’s become accustomed to relying upon as her first recourse.

3) How were you trained in your career(s)? Did you have a mentor of any sort? If so, what was your relationship like and where are they now?

Liiana was trained in a military-academy setting. Like all students, she had favorite and less-liked teachers and mentors. One in particular, Shan’Azat’Nuruodo, would occasionally intercede with the administration when her sense of humor and occasional prank would have otherwise resulted in significant demerits. He tried to cultivate that tiny spark of a rebellious spirit that is otherwise deeply discouraged in Chiss society. He recognized that the nail that isn’t hammered entirely down can think outside the box in an espionage-capacity. So far as she knows, Nazat is still back on Csilla.

4) What is the Motivation that drives you? How is that fueled by your Emotional Strength?

Liiana is driven by the “Ambition” to excell in her chosen field. Partly this is cultural conditioning, but mostly she just wants to be the best at what she does. This ties in with her Emotional Strength of “Pride”. She takes pride in her work, and at being the best infiltrator/spy/thief she can be.

5) What is the first thing that a casual observer notices about you? What is it that a more careful observer notices about you?

A casual observer would notice that she tends to have something of a smirk about her most of the time which often conveys the impression that she’s secretly amused or laughing at the people around her. A more careful observer may notice that her eyes tend to dart around surreptitiously as if she’s always watching out for unpleasant surprises, or is worried that something is about to jump out at her.

6) What does your character do to relax?

Liiana will tell people that she enjoys reading and appreciating different musical traditions. It’s true, but in her time engaged in the criminal underworld she picked up a minor spice habit which REALLY gets the juices going and helps her unwind after a stressful day. She feels guilty about it, and has probably managed to kick it what with imprisonment, but she worries that if she ever gets free she’ll go back to using.

7) Which of your fellow prisoners (PCs) do you get along with best? Which one have you had the most conflict with?

Rend Hux: Liiana had a clandestine arrangement with him when they were both in Imperial service. This shared history binds them together at least a little, and she finds his particular talents quite useful in distracting people from her own activities.

Supisy’lyn: As a slicer, she’s super useful in complementing Liiana’s own talents. Liiana constantly wonders if Supisy’lyn’s “innocent babe in the woods, here by accident” bit is an act or genuine, but either way, she recognizes the importance of staying on her good side.

Tessik Kir: As a religious fanatic, she’s deeply suspicious of him. Sure, she recognizes the value of the Force, but Tessik’s passivity and faith that the Force will just do everything for him is contrary to her own pro-active personality.

Xian'Liiana'Nuruodo (Liiana)

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