Star Wars: Reverie

The Ruby Necklace

Game 2 - Focus: Vesa


Well, we’re in the deep end now. Our pilot was taking us to the Embers, an asteroid belt I’m sure you’re well aware of what with the sheer amount of criminality and smuggling that passes through those mining stations. The plan was to meet an Alliance contact who would give us the ship we were promised by the Senator, as well as some information on a contact who might be able to help us with our force-training.

Well, about a day before arriving, Tessik has a vision (apparently he sees the future…) centered on Vesa. He saw her in a reddish light surrounded by mist, with a harsh alien voice making demands on her. He saw a difficult decision before her that would put all of us in grave danger if she chose poorly.

As you’ll see, we needed no help from her to put ourselves into grave danger. I suspect her difficult decision is imminent however.

So we came out of hyperspace and found that the Embers had been claimed by a hungry-shark “House” of young Hutts and renamed “the Ruby Necklace,” doubtless because of the red lighting illuminating the mining stations built into the asteroids. I prefer “Embers” myself, but Hutts have no taste. The nominal Imperial presence that used to lay claim to the resources of the place was nowhere to be seen. We docked with Station 4 without much trouble, and even saw the ship we’re supposed to be given, but the ship was locked down and under guard, which was our first clue that things were not going to go smoothly.

Apparently, our contact was wanted by the local Hutt Regent. After some discussion, we decided that the best cover story for us wandering the station asking about him was that he owed Vesa money and we were coming to collect. Vesa was to play the creditor with Rend as her hired muscle, Supisy’lyn as her technical specialist, and me as her fixer. Tessik’s role was… left unclear, mostly because he’s so wide-eyed and naive that it’s hard to come up with a believable underworld cover for him.

We found his residence, and I spotted surveillance on it. Rend and Vesa opted for the direct approach, discovering that the watcher was a Bothan who I gather wasn’t directly working for the Hutts but was doing what Bothans do and gathering and selling information. He engaged in some mercantile activity of that sort with Vesa. He told her that our contact was already in custody, but the Hutt’s thugs were trying to beat out of him the location of his business partner, a “Tef Oralu.” The Bothan told us that our contact was being held in an establishment called the Foundry, an all purpose bar/hotel/casino/brothel where the underworld on the station does its business… a fortress in other words. The Bothan told us that the bartender had a spice weakness that might be used as leverage. In exchange for all this information, the Bothan asked that is we do free our contact, we get the information on Tef out of him as payment.

Turns out, Tef is a relative of Vesa’s. It doesn’t take a genius to see the outlines of Tessik’s vision solidifying here.

I did some asking around and found out that the biggest spice smuggler here is one of Goruba the Hutt’s investments, so after some discussion, the five of us came up with something resembling a plan. Since we can’t spring our contact by force, and straight-up stealing the ship would be just as hard, we’ll need to try to talk a Hutt into letting him go. I worked my connection to Goruba to spring a decent amount of free spice. We went to the Foundry where I was able to trade most of it to the bartender for a meeting with his boss. Rend was in fine form, and managed to even get the meeting moved up a bit.

Nothing to do now but wait for morning and our meeting. As usual, I’m passing the time writing this stuff down, mostly to calm my nerves. This could all go wrong in so many ways, and I really don’t want to make enemies of this particular Hutt House… but we need this contact’s intel (and his ship). I hope Vesa isn’t forced to make promises she can’t keep.

Ah well. I suppose we’ll see shortly.




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