Star Wars: Reverie

Escape the Embers / Arrival on Sriluur

Game 4 - Focus: Supisy'lyn


We decided to make a break for it. Supisy’lyn created a dataspike for me to sneak into the command and control station to override the lockdown on both ships. We then engaged in a co-ordinated effort, infiltrating Vesa onto our new ship so she could get it warmed up while I infiltrated C&C and Supisy’lyn with Rend as backup sliced other systems to make things easier for me.

It all pretty much went off without a hitch. Both ships blasted out of there taking some heavy-repeater fire from infantry emplacements, but otherwise coming away undamaged.

We kept B8 with us, and he started work on the necessary astrogation while we bid farewell to our rescuer as he headed off to do other business for the Alliance.

Of course, astrogation requires a destination. It was fairly rapidly decided that we should stick to the Outer Rim, as it was more likely that Tef fled there with his stolen Hutt ship than somewhere with the sort of traffic a core world attracts. Since Sriluur was outer rim, and already had one objective we seek, we set course there in the slight hope that Tef also went there and we could kill two proverbial birds with the single stone.

We’ve been here a couple days, and it seems that hope was unfounded. There’s no sign of Tef and the Black Pearl, but it would seem that our rendezvous with Jik, our local artifact-dealer, will be more complicated than anticipated. His emporium was closed, and rumor on the street had it that he was being sought by a fanatical religious splinter-group of the local Weequay called the Sons of Seequay for desecrating some of their sacred sites. According to his former assistant, Jik fled to the capitol, where the Imperial Governor is planning a big celebration notwithstanding the tangible unrest amongst the population.

As we poked around, however, we noticed that Supisy’lyn was attracting some unusual attention. We lured the interested parties into a location where we could take them out if necessary and talked to them. Apparently they represent a “hidden benefactor” who has helped Supisy’lyn keep Hutt heat off of her in the past. Now, this “benefactor” hasn’t been so effective as to actually remove the Hutt bounty or anything, he just keeps the heat far enough that Supisy’lyn will be forever indebted for the service. Typical extortion.

The extortionist wanted her (and by extension us) to foil a terrorist bomb threat that was to shortly occur. Apparently her “benefactor” prefers the status quo. As much as I’m not a fan of extortion, she seemed ok with it, and none of us really want bombs going off, so we agreed. We figured these “Sons of the Seequay” were the most likely culprits, and the target was most likely the governor’s ball. We’re preparing to fly to the capitol to continue our investigations.



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