It is a time of galactic turmoil and uncertainty. The Battle of Endor has just seen its one-year anniversary come and go and despite the young Rebellion’s initial optimism at the destruction of the Emperor, Darth Vader, and the second Death Star, the Empire continues to thrash in violent response to the attempts to bring peace and resolution to its systems.

Powers turn upon one another, seeking to establish new hierarchies which befit their own needs and desires, be it a new ascendancy within the Imperial ranks, a restructuring of the criminal Hutt Cartels following the death of Jabba, or a definition of what manner of galaxy the Rebellion should create if and when Palpatine’s Empire becomes a memory. Dreams long suppressed by the iron fist of the Emperor now flourish, for better or worse, and seek to become reality.

Somewhere, deep in the Outer Rim, one such dream now sparks to life amidst a seemingly mundane prison riot. Below the frigid wastes of the forgotten Imperial outpost Rhen Var, an advanced secret holding facility constructed by an ambitious Moff is thrown into high alert as five young inmates make a desperate gamble for their freedom with the assistance of a mysterious benefactor…

Star Wars: Reverie

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